Heiliq Food Supply

The Heiliq Food Supply company, established in 2018, is a food supplier for wholesalers, bulk consumers, and retail in Germany. Heiliq offers fresh and frozen goods from various manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, featuring diverse pricing structures, all provided under competitive terms.

We not only source branded products, but also produce our own private labels to meet specific customer demands. In the procurement process, we already decide which trading level certain quotas are best suited for.

The close collaboration with our suppliers and distribution partners ensures a reliable and smooth execution, particularly in project-based transactions.

Meat Range

We supply the most common kitchen-ready meat and sausage products from well-known manufacturers, ranging from pork to beef and poultry items.

Our top-selling meat items include fresh and frozen sausages and grilling products, alongside pre-cooked chicken breast items and breaded convenience products like cutlets or nuggets.

The packaging we provide varies from calibrated vacuum packs for retail to bulk-friendly cartons suitable for larger consumers.

Fish Range

Our seafood range covers the most gastronomically popular fish species, including salmon, trout, pollock, cod, herring, plaice, pangasius and redfish.

In cooperation with well-known manufacturers, our focus in the seafood sector is on frozen, kitchen-ready products that facilitate a smooth finishing.

Standard trade fillet-trimmings are also included in our range, as smoked fish, pre-cooked or custom-breaded convenience-products, such as battered fish, nuggets, fingers or 'kibbelinge' (fish & chips).

Excellent Partners

Through our collaboration with our excellent partners, we are able to consistently offer you high-quality products with great taste, which exhibit a clear texture depending on the manufacturer.

Origin and sustainability are of special importance to our partners, as many of our customers are interested in the source and production methods of the products.

Therefore, we collectively strive to provide adequate transparency about the production- and cultivation methods of the items we distribute.

Demanded Qualities

Thanks to our experience in collaborating with various levels of the food industry, we are attuned to the specific needs of our customers.

This pertains to aspects such as rearing practices, freshness, product quality, packaging methods and labeling, or varying calibrations and types of packaging depending on the trading level.

With the support of our supplier network, we are pleased to provide you with demand-oriented product qualities and aligned with your desired price-performance ratio.

Trouble Solutions

Through our division Trouble Solutions, we act as a bridge between wholesale and industry.

We provide fast solutions for overstocks, returns, or incorrect calibrations. Whether dealing with A or B-grade goods is of secondary importance.

In collaboration with our partner repackaging facilities, a practical approach to further processing always takes precedence, aiming to achieve the best possible solution at competitive conditions.

Quality Management

From procurement to further processing, we operate a consistent quality management system, enabling us to offer you a transparent supply chain from production to delivery, as our goods are distributed directly from the manufacturer to the customer. This allows us to directly tap into our suppliers' quality management system.

In cases where special certifications are relevant to the purchasing decision, we will also be able to offer products with various certification standards* through our soon-to-be-established partner, Foodpack24.

* This assumes that the certifications of the new company have been passed.

Our Trademarks

Our own private labels and trademarks are tailored to various target and sales markets. In doing so, we place special emphasis on the brands' image and customer trust.

Under the brand "Unser LandglĂĽck," we distribute sausages and meat products; under "Aqua Gold," frozen and fresh seafood items; and with "Curts Convenience," we provide kitchen-ready convenience products, each available in different packaging options.

When it comes to distributing trademarks, we offer a wide selection of alternative brands for both wholesale and retail products. The placement options depend on the expected pricing structure.

Up2date News

While we have many automated distribution processes, we still adhere to our tried-and-true classic: the up2date newsletter, which we release occasionally. After the introduction of our Foonity marketplace, you can regularly receive tailored offers through this newsletter, designed specifically to meet your needs.

Foonity Food Cloud

We are currently working on the finalization and launch of our Foonity Food Cloud, our B2B marketplace for fresh and frozen goods featuring current promotional batches at the best possible price-performance ratio.

Digitizing our product availability allows for a transparent and convenient purchasing process. When you place orders through our Foonity B2B marketplace, your desired items are automatically transmitted to our trading partners' systems and delivered to you as swiftly as possible.

This saves time and money, which is directly reflected in our attractive sales terms. The resources thus gained are invested in our personalized and dedicated customer support.